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California Pale Ale Bottling

I bottled the California Ale last weekend. I didn’t have many plastic bottles so the final result was a motley crew of assorted bottles including a growler from the local brew pub.

Final gravity ended up at 0.014 and the color was quite a bit darker than I anticipated. So perhaps I should be calling this a California Amber or Bock. I primed the bottles with 2.5 oz of corn sugar. I didn’t want too much carbonation in this beer, just enough to liven it up.

I tasted some of the beer before it went into the bottles, and I’m still just as excited about this one as I was when I tasted it directly after brewing. It is a bit sweet on the palette though, so I’m thinking about using 1/2 as much Crystal next time and more hops. I didn’t intend it to be so dark either, so the reduced Crystal should help out there also. Hopefully the final gravity will be a little lower next time too.

The verdict will come down later today when I taste the final product.

California Pale Ale bottling