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Beer Tasting: New Belgium Ranger IPA

Beer Tasting: New Belgium Ranger IPAI have only been on the West Coast for less than a week but already I have had a chance to find a few nice West o’ the Mississippi beers. This one hails from Fort Collins, Colorado. I have had the New Belgium Fat Tire before, but I had not heard of this one. I bought a bottle of it at the store around the corner from my new apartment for about three bucks and tried it out.

This beer is pretty big at 6.5% ABV, and comes in a 1 Pint, 9 Ounce bottle.

I poured a bit into a coffee mug since I don’t have any beer tasting glasses yet, so it will have to do for now. A loose one-finger head was produced and quickly dissipated into a thin lacy carbonation along the beer’s surface. I caught a whiff of damp moss or maybe straw. I didn’t catch the floral or citrus flavors of something like a Dogfish Head IPA.

The taste was a huge load of hops up front with a lingering bitter aftertaste. It wasn’t a bad bitterness at all but it did seem to stick with me for a while afterward. There wasn’t a lot of that grapefruit hoppiness that you get with a lot of West Coast IPAs, but it was an interesting raw power nonetheless. I don’t quite have the beer vocabulary to put my finger on which hops are here but it seems a bit different than what I’m used to.

This was a nice find, especially since it was down at a local shop where I’m living now, but I still prefer the Dogfish Head style 60 minute IPA over this. I might come around to it yet though.