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New Beer Brewing: Licorice Stout

New beer brewing: licorice stout


I’m finally brewing the next stout that I had the ingredients for. I decided to do a licorice stout since I have some fresh anise around. Details to come.


The beer has been brewed. Starting gravity is a hefty 1.062. I used 1 Tablespoon of anise seed as the aroma hops. A lot of the anise settled out of the wort but it still has a strong licorice flavor. I’m worried that I used a little too much. It might mellow out somewhat though. I used only 1/2 pound more grain this time around, so maybe my last mash had a really bad starch conversion due to the high temperature. I kept this one around 150 degrees or lower for the full hour.

Grain bill:

1/2 lb black roasted barley

1/2 lb chocolate malt

1/2 lb L60 crystal

6 lb brewer’s 2-row malt


1/2 oz Cascade hops


1 tablespoon anise seed


1/2 packet of SafBrew S-33 dry ale yeast


Mash strike water 170 deg, mash temperature 150 degrees. Mash time 60 minutes. Batch sparged, 75 minute sparge time. 60 minute boil, hops added at beginning, adjucts added at the very end.