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Beer Tasting: Rippin's Belgian

Beer tasting: Rippin's Belgian

I broke out some stuff that I’ve been saving for a while today. This one I got from a friend last time I was visiting the ‘Burgh. He was moving out of his place, and I helped him bottle this stuff. The original plan was to let this one go in the secondary fermenter for a full year, but I think it only got half way before he ended up moving. It certainly doesn’t seem the worse for it but I guess we’ll never know what could have been.

I enjoyed this brew in my small tasting glasses on the back balcony with a dinner of tomato and cheese melt sandwiches. This is a Belgian-style dubbel perhaps, I don’t know the alcohol content, but it seems somewhere north of 6% at least. The beer poured a medium amber with a monstrous pure white head. I whiffed a glimpse of honey and clover on the nose. Taste was a silky butterscotch – not too sweet though, balanced out with a nice spice finish. I got some pretty strong lacing on the glass as I progressed through the tasting.

This one is pretty complex – I might have to crack open a second one to really get the full story on this guy. Stay tuned.