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Bottling the First Out Stout

Bottling the First Out StoutI bottled my stout on Monday, I just haven’t gotten around to posting about it until today. I think that there are problems with this beer. During the mash, the temperature got way too hot, so I think the enzymes may have been destroyed. The gravity was high after the mash, so I assumed that everything went ok. Well, I took a reading before bottling and the gravity is still up at 1.030. The fermentation was less vigorous than usual also, so I think that there are a ton of unfermentable starches and sugars left in the beer. It didn’t taste that sweet to me so maybe it is still going to be drinkable, just with a lot less alcohol than it is supposed to have.

For the record, I primed the 2 gallons of stout with 3 ounces of corn sugar. Probably a little high for a stout but I kind of like things on the bubbly side. Oh and thanks to Rips for the tinted bottles. I used some of them for the first time during this bottling.