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Beer Brewing Tip: One-step Sanitizer

A popular sanitizer for brewing beer is a no-rinse or ‘one-step’ sanitizer. This stuff comes as a powder that is mixed with water and used to sterilize anything that comes in contact with the wort. I realized that the one-step sanitizer that I had been using is the same thing as Oxy-clean (the stuff that Billy Mays sells on TV). Clorox makes a version of this stuff called Oxi Magic that you can find in the supermarket. This 2 pound tub cost about 5USD. If you brew beer, you know that most of the time goes toward sanitizing everything, and you can really start going through sanitizer pretty quickly. Now, I’m not too worried about it since I can run down to the store any time I run out.
Beer brewing tip: one-step sanitizer