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Second Mash: AHS Dunkelweizen

I’m doing half of the AHS Dunkelweizen kit that I bought today, mostly according to the process that I used with the Hefeweizen that I did last weekend. I started with a slightly higher mash strike temperature of around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. I added 2 quarts of boiling water 1/2 hour into the mash to keep the temp up. Also, I started with 2 gallons of strike water for 5 pounds of grain. The grain bill of the dunkel is a little bit bigger than the hefe. The strike water is a little higher than recommended in the directions, but last time the grain bed was barely covered, so I wanted to try more this time.

- Update:

I ended up doing the boil today too. Gravity at the end of the mash was 1.032, and at the end of the boil it was 1.042.