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Brew Day: All-grain Hefeweizen

Today was brew day for the all-grain Hefeweizen recipe. The kit is from Austin Homebrew, and the mash tun is a converted cooler. The strainer worked better than I ever would have imagined. I ended up limiting the flow of wort during sparging using a c-clamp that I had lying around.

The recommended amount of water in the mash didn’t seem like enough but then I’m not too sure about how mashing is supposed to work yet. Pouring the sparge water in without disturbing the grain bed is nearly impossible. I resorted to just pouring the water over in a far corner of the tun so that only one part of the grain bed got stirred up.

The temperature in the tun dropped about 10 degrees F in the first half-hour, so I added some very hot water to get the temp back up to 150 degrees. Most of the heat seems like it is leaking out of the lid, which seems to be commonly noted by others using the cooler method of mashing.

Anyway everything seems to have worked out, and the original gravity reading is 1.044 so hopefully I end up with some beer.

Brew day: all-grain Hefeweizen