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Next Beer: NB Bavarian Hefe Weizen

In order to mix things up a little, I purchased my next ingredients kit from a different source – Northern Brewer. I had been getting everything from Austin Homebrew, but a friend of mine gets his stuff from Northern, so I’m giving them a shot. This kit is not a premium kit like the seasonals that I have been getting from AHS. The Belgian Noel was an expensive high gravity beer with specialty grains, so it is not completely fair to compare it to this kit from NB. However, this will be the first five gallon batch for me, so a lower gravity should work in my favor as far as actually getting the whole thing to boil on my stove.

The hefe weizen kit consists of mostly liquid malt extract and a small amount of dry malt extract. There are no specialty grains included with this kit. I elected to go with the dry yeast option, as I have not been having any problems fermentation-wise. I’m not experienced enough to really tell the difference between yeasts yet, so I’ve been shying away from the more expensive liquid yeast options. The hop profile is also very simple. Hops don’t play a huge role in most wheat beers so this is not surprising. I’m looking forward to brewing this one.

Next beer: NB Bavarian Hefe Weizen