Forging mighty beers one batch at a time.

Brew Day: AHS Belgian Noel, Second Batch

I finally got around to brewing the second half of the seasonal Belgian beer that I got from Austin Homebrew for the holidays. I realize that we are well into spring, hence we are no longer in season for a beer like this. To which I say who cares, it’s a good beer in its own right. This marks the first time I’ve used the new boil kettle and fermenters that I got for Christmas.

I was able to use more water in the boil this time around since I now have a much bigger kettle. I’m hoping that this will help my hop utilization and prevent off hop flavors in my beers. I’m a little worried that my stove won’t be able to boil enough water to brew a full 5 gallon batch though. I’ll find out soon enough. I now have a hydrometer so I’m not flying blind anymore. I also have a reasonable thermometer to use instead of trying to use a candy thermometer. Thanks to my dad for the brewing instrumentation.

Brew day: AHS Belgian Noel, second batch