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Pumpkin Prep for AHS Pumpkin Ale


Pumpkin prep for AHS Pumpkin Ale

I’m preparing the pumpkin a little bit ahead of time for my latest brew.  The AHS instructions call for the pumpkin to be roasted, so I decided that it would be nice to roast the pumpkin on the grill for a little extra flavor.  The pumpkin that I used was a pretty large pumpkin, weighing over 8 pounds. This pumpkin is probably intended for carving rather than baking, so I may have been better off with a smaller, more flavorful pumpkin.

I sliced up about 1/4th of the pumpkin (a little over 2lb) into thin strips and put them directly on my gas grill on low heat. After grilling I ended up with about 1.3lb of pumpkin, including the rind.  I was shooting for about 1.5lb, so this is a little less than I was hoping for, but I’m sure it will be fine.  I’m thinking about leaving the rind on, since it is apparently edible, and by my taste testing, actually has an interesting flavor even though it is very tough. Since we are just brewing with it, I don’t think there is any problem with leaving the rind on.

I also am debating whether or not to use the seeds. The seeds don’t seem to have much of a flavor on their own, so I’m thinking that I won’t use them, but I’ve saved them and am drying them out just in case.