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Beer Bottling - First Batch Ever

Beer bottling - first batch ever

I just finished bottling my first batch of beer.  Some notes:

Getting the sugar into the narrow mouth of the bottles was harder than I thought.

It would have been better to move the fermenter a day before bottling so less yeast sediment gets stirred up.

Turning the bottles upside-down and swirling helps get the sugar mixed in.

Don’t use dish soap to clean the fermenter (I noticed this in the instructions after I had already done it).

Notes on how the beer looks/tastes before carbonation:

The beer is really cloudy.  I’m not sure if this is partly because I moved the fermenter directy before I started bottling it.  I’m a little surprised because it is supposed to be an IPA, not a wheat beer.  The beer smells great.  Fruity banana esters present. Doesn’t smell hoppy though.  The taste isn’t very good though.  The hoppiness isn’t ‘citrusy’ more bitter, and the aftertaste is pretty yeasty. Definitely not sweet, so I can tell that the fermentation process went well.  Mouthfeel is kind of thin.

I can see why a bottling wand would be useful now.  I didn’t siphon the beer since I had the spout at the bottom of the fermenter.  I was lucky that the spout seemed to be at just the right level to avoid getting the sediment in my beer.