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Dogfish Head Swag

Dogfish Head swag

I toured the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton, Delaware today.  Nice short tour and the guys are willing to spend lots of time chatting and answering questions while you sample beer at the end.  Perfect, if you ask me.  A particularly long winery tour in Sonoma Valley was almost enough for me to swear off tours altogether, but I’m really glad I checked out the DFH works.

I sampled the Palo Santo Marron for the first time after the tour.  They had a sample of the wood that the aging cask is made from sitting on the bar so that you could sniff the wood then sip the beer.  Kind of odd, but cool nonetheless. I got to talking beer with one of the guys pouring the samples and he hooked me up with a DFH 12 ounce snifter glass.  Thanks man!